Ways to Beat Protective StarCraft 2 Gamers
  • 9/9/2015

A dazzling way to handle protective gamers is to hurry them before they even have an opportunity to end up establishing their defense! Zealot hurrying, Zergling hurrying and marine hurrying are all practical methods to handle gamers who prepare to count on the protective play. This is as for where you are investing your resources on offending systems; they are investing in protective structures indicating they will be overrun by your rush of forces as they have not bought system count. Banshee and Dark Templar hurrying are likewise very efficient versus protective gamers as challengers are hardly ever prepared for masked systems at the start of a video game unless they know your technique.

Cheese methods, although discredited, are likewise reliable versus protective gamers at the start of a video game. Protoss canon hurrying and planetary fortress hurrying, both if managed efficiently will maim your challenge and result in success. Where these methods work, they can be thought about all-in techniques with some being more recoverable from than others and will not work versus skilled gamers.


Do not Provide an Opportunity to Protect Successfully!

If you keep assaulting your challengers base with systems continuously leaving them little time to recuperate it will ultimately use them down and approve you gain access to into their base. They key to utilizing this method is having a strong economy and the capability to drain systems rapidly and efficiently.

Utilizing proxy technique is a helpful way to do this. Proxy indicates to construct close to the opponent base, or near of them. In this manner, you can continuously drain systems to assault the opponent base while keeping reinforcements coming. Protoss are incredibly proficient at this as they can produce a pylon near the challenger’s ramp and established a proxy pylon to warp in systems directly for its warp gates developing less threat of losing important production structures.


More Resources for You?

If your challenge remains in protective mode, do not see it as a bad thing views it as a chance to broaden into the map and enhance your economy! If you can keep you challenge included, you can get the financial benefit and ultimately overrun their base with a mass of systems!

It is essential you keep hunting the challengers base in order prepare yourself for any approaching technique that might possibly maim your forces. They are protective gamers and are used to being obstructed in. When you have another resourcing nest set-up you can be to develop more system producing structures and increase your tech to assist enter the challengers base.


Cannot Get in the Front? Use the Back!

Protective gamers will typically focus all their defense on the front of their base at the ramp or choke point to prevent you going into. Fortunately for us,StarCraft 2 offers a variety of techniques and systems to get by various paths.

Ground forces aside, if the challenger has unprepared air defenses it is simple to produce a couple of air systems and fly into abug the challenger's mineral line which is likewise a great method to use.


Some Systems are Created for Sieging Defenses!

Some systems have qualities making them perfect for sieging bases. The most apparent being the siege tank with its high variety in siege mode and its splash damage can tear apart a ramp and its protective ground forces rapidly and successfully. The Protoss Colossus likewise can be updated to have a remarkable variety to a lot of systems and can deal out constant splash damage. They likewise have the capability to scale cliffs which can be used to flank the opponent ramp in addition to some Stalkers that have the updated blink capability. Broodlords are the zergs primary reliable attack on ramps as their exceptional variety lets them drizzle down broodlings onto the opponent’s protective structures while the rest of your ground forces overrun the challengers base.